NEW GAME: HERO AGENCY - get your medals!

2016-10-14 13:10:30 by Chaz

HERO AGENCY - out now!


I made a game. Check it out and vote/review if you enjoy it! (Or if you don't.)

Game features Newgrounds highscore board and 14 medals!


~C x


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2016-10-14 13:50:07

Hey, I ended up playing the game now anyway, since I enjoyed it a lot (and because it's sooo addictive) :'3

(@yahtzei) Nick's music added a lot to it too!
I hope this game does well, because it certainly deserves to :)

Great job, all of you ^ ^

Chaz responds:

Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it :)


2016-10-14 16:49:03

I left a review detailing most of the game's main problems.

You'll read it and make the necessary modifications.

That is all.


2016-10-15 20:27:39

I haven't been able to play this. I can hear sound, but the screen is blank


2016-10-15 20:33:11

Nevermind, just needed to restart my browser ^_^

Chaz responds:

Hope you enjoyed it :)


2016-11-25 17:06:02

Hey Chaz, I know I'm a little bit late on this comment but. I love all the games you've made, I enjoy playing them with my brother on our laptop, but recently I don't have a computer or laptop and it would be really cool if you made a game for Android or IOS. I mean, it would be amazing having one of your games on my cellphone

Chaz responds:

Hi Jonathon, thanks a lot for the kind words. I do have a game or two on mobile.

Age Of Wonder:
Flappy Turd:
Cash Out:

They're mostly fun little things rather than full games, but hopefully that will change in the future!