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Nice game!

That was awesome and made me feel like a real top gun manly man.


Highly original. Would worl we;; on a mobile device with the gyroscope. But I enjoy it in Flash too. Good job! :)

(and nice hat ;))

ReconditeArcher responds:

xD Yeah. Hat is the best part.


Ridiculously fun but simple. Great aesthetic and I could listen to the loop for yeeears. Kinda like Canabalt with guns :)

Casual gaming at it's finest

I'm usually not a fan of these kind of games, but after playing through the first level I can really say I'm hooked and haven't played a casual game this good for a while. Music suits the game fantastically well and the graphics are charming to boot.

As for the guy below me suggesting it's not a new concept - I can honestly say I've never come across anything like it before? Although that may be because I'm not a big casual game player.

Fine work David, really enjoyed this one.


Great game lads, made of win! Combines a completely unique gameplay mechanic with some super tasty visuals to make one tasty dish!

Reminds me of MegaMan

Really nice design aesthetic reminiscant of the type of titles you'd find in the app store. Highly addictive and superly stylised, I can't see why this doesn't have a slightly higher score.

5/5 and favourited!

argene responds:

Hi Chaz,

Thanks.. Actually this game is a nod to one of my favorite comic book movie "IRON MAN"... I'm glad you liked it.

What an original idea!

What a simple yet addicitve game premise...you're clearly a genius! Haha nicely done dude, feels very polished and love the shakey screen thing when you collect all stars.

5/5 !

knarrenheinz responds:

Haha man, thanks a lot :D
pixelBOMB 2 is still the number one (for me).


Laugh out loud!

May I ask what inspired this? Maybe a little bad experience? :P

How to play the updated version...

If you want to play the latest patched version with all the fixes mentioned aboved, you can play it here:


http://flashchaz.com/free-games-for-y our-site/the-gun-game/



The reason it hasn't been updated on NG is because we're waiting for our sponsors to get online and upload it.

If you leave any reviews, please leave them based on the game posted at the link above.

While I'm at it thanks for all your kind words.


Very Retro

The graphics are great and it has a really old school Nintendo feel to it. As for "Aginor27"'s review saying that the free part of the game "could be a real shit part", that would defeat the whole point of the object, wouldn't it? Why make it shit if you're trying to intice people.

And stop taking offense at the payment system. If there wasn't extra packs and such you wouldn't complain. They're just there as extras, so enjoy what you've been given because it is a solid game on it's own as it is.

Best of luck with the coins system, the gameplay was enjoyable but ever so slightly repetitive. Saying that I do feel it deserves a much higher score, it's just a shame that people can't get over themselves when it comes to being the option to purchase extra features for about a dollar.

What the problem is?

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