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Chaz's News

Posted by Chaz - March 29th, 2015


Posted by Chaz - March 27th, 2015

Now you can do some more stuff with guns. Have fun.


Play The Gun Game: Redux

Posted by Chaz - February 12th, 2015

Age Of Wonder: The Lost Scrolls


Thanks to NG for the frontpage :) You guys rock.

Posted by Chaz - September 27th, 2014



The items featured in the game will make refference to my other releases. These are Harry's glasses from "Once Upon A Life"


I'd like to invite you all to keep up to date with a new shooter I have in development with J Wolf Games!

It's called Graveyard Shift.


It's a 2D blaster where you take out a bunch of enemies and along the way dig up sweet new items, unlock new guns, upgrade them and upgrade yourself! It also has loads of other cool features that you can find out about soon enough but for now I'm posting development screenshots and videos on my Facebook, so make sure to hit the Like button if you want to follow the game's progress every week!

In other news, I will be updating my website in the coming weeks; it's all ready to go but I want to launch it along with a new game that's just being readied for release, so I'll upload the new site when the game releases. It's a nice little portfolio and will have some cool stuff for you to download!

I have LOADS of other stuff on the go and I've been working like a mad-man; I suspect this will all come to a head with a cavalcade of releases in a very short time in the near future.

Thanks for checking it out!



Other cool stuff:


I had the priviliege of working with BritishMoose very early on in my game development career on our game "Snowstar" which we released on this site 8 YEARS AGO. That's the best part of a decade! Now he's back and his work is sickeningly good. He's just uploaded a new 40 second short, go check it out and give him your love!


My Graveyard Shift programming partner recently released the sequel to his successful Sentry Knight game. Check out the second one here if you like addictive games.


I've started to use Twitter ever so slightly more often now for ScreenshotSaturdays!

Posted by Chaz - June 16th, 2014

Hanson passes out while refilling his bazooka fluid and wakes up to a zombie invasion.
There's only thing that can stop it...and Hanson knows exactly
where to get it.




This is the fourth Bazooki game in the series and I wanted to experiment with some
B-Movie stylings. It had to be dark but also pretty colourful at the same time
to create that nice juxtaposition. I like the ending a lot because it's massively
irreverent and that's how I'm beginning to enjoy making my games.

- - -

I done all the art and animation , Wayne Marsh programmed it.

If you're into your achievements, you'll be happy to know we packed it with
12 Newgrounds medals :)

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Would love to hear your feedback!

Posted by Chaz - May 31st, 2014

Wolfgang Fights The Future is a fast paced brawler game in which you play as Mozart
fighting against an evil French autocracy from the future.

- - - - -


- - - - -

Please check it out and let me know what you think. Would love to hear your feedback!

Posted by Chaz - February 6th, 2014

My IGF 2014 entry Once Upon A Life is finally on Newgrounds, hurrah!

From first starting the design for the game, all the way to it's original release took 8 months. A little of this time was prepping the game for release on our sponsor's site and making some promotional material but there was still a lot of that time spent in development. I'm very proud of this game; I wrote and designed it, and even managed to indulge my passion for making music by making the OST for it as well. Wayne Marsh done a great job programming and design the sound effects. David Dixon is an an immesnely talented voice actor who I scouted through the audio portal.

Check out Once Upon A Life  here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/633405 and give us all your fives!

JayIsGames Review - "...it's impossible not to admire the sheer amount of variety and creativity on display..."

FlashMush Review - " Once Upon A Life is one heck of a journey through Harry's life[...]and is a blast to play."



I have some very exciting and original projects in the works that I'll be revealing soon. Keep up to date here.


Enjoy the game!

Posted by Chaz - January 16th, 2014



Hey all! The Great Bazooki has now been uploaded and can be played here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/632162

I'm now posting most updates through my FB page here ... so be sure to give it a like if you're interested in upcoming projects.

Thanks for playing!


Posted by Chaz - October 1st, 2013

Hey guys,

I've released my new game 'Age of Wonder' with the charming Danish Goel.

Check the game out here and grab your medals now! Big thanks to those who helped us get the Daily 2nd trophy.


NEW GAME: AGE OF WONDER (Daily 2nd & Medals)!

Posted by Chaz - September 9th, 2013

Once Upon A Life is finally released! You can play it here on Miniclip; the game will be coming to Newgrounds in about 4 weeks. Hopefully with NG awards!

"The first game which makes me wanna cry. It's very beautiful and moving. Thank you!" - adrianfrodo

"A work of art as far as I am concerned." - Neder-it

I love the sound track to this awesome game! I downloaded it! :) - LordExcelent

Started this game at the very start of the year...very happy to finally see it released! You can download the entire soundtrack I made for the game by clicking here.

I have some very exciting stuff in the pipeline and will be redesigning my site before the end of the year to reflect my new projects. Stay tuned!